Flexible Reward Plan at Work
and the Benefits of Bicycle Leasing

Planning on doing a little extra for your employees, without having a budget impact?

Great idea! The Belgian legislator provides ample flexible reward mechanisms with employer-friendly fiscal impact. Leasing of bicycles and the processing in salary packages is becoming a key pillar of alternative reward setups due to the functional, financial and environmental benefits... for both employee and employer. 

Webinar of 40 minutes with Q&A: 

- What is a flexible reward plan and how can companies and employees benefit from it? 

What is a mobility budget? 

Who are the different actors when it comes to mobility at work?

Practical examples of bicycle leasing in a salary package and the financial impact for employer and employee 

What can you expect from a bike leasing company? 



- 22/04/2020 - 11h00 (in Dutch)
- 29/04/2020 - 11h00 (in Dutch)

For who?

This webinar is intended for SME managers and HR departments, but also for curious employees. 

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